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Designer 插畫家系列 x 吸水止滑地墊

Malis 馬里斯先生


Mr. Malis is a local Taiwanese who draws “the Pegasus” with full his passion to spread love all around the world.

Good at using simple lines and shapes to express the profound emotion in people’s daily life, he has successfully won market attention. The protagonist of his creations are animals who are vivid with pure energy, evoking the most innocent soul in the hearts of people. Throughout his creation, Marlis hopes to bring joy to our life and encourage us to stick to dreams when encounter difficulties.

He expects that people from 2-year-old to 80-year-old will like his paintings.

喵伊 Dreamful Cat

Dreamful Cat,愛作夢的貓三隻貓,一個屋簷下的故事,從畫給大貓的生日卡片,開始插畫旅程...描繪著生活點滴與無限的想像傳達了暖暖的幸福感

Dreamful cat is the character brand of three cats love dreaming. She started the illustrative journey from drawing a birthday card to her a big cat.

Cats are always the theme of her creations which depict people’s live life bit by bit. The unlimited imagination conveyed the warmth of happiness.

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