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Cute Express x 源源鋼藝: 自動開蓋 One Shake™ 椒鹽罐 ( 榮獲2016 德國紅點設

Cute Express 在港獨家代理-One Shake™ 調味罐 (內含胡椒罐、鹽罐)

One Shake獲得了獲得2016 德國「紅點設計獎」& 台灣「金點設計年度最佳設計獎」的殊榮.

只要一個動作,單手拿起椒鹽罐灑向料理 One Shake! 不必再開蓋了


蓋子搭配食品級矽膠防塵蓋,杜絕調味料與異物的汙染. 側邊的 360 度出料口,不論任何角度與手勢皆能操作,回流槽的設計能避免調味料溢漏,曲線瓶身讓您容易就手,操作更確實。瓶身採用抗蝕等級最高的 316 不鏽鋼,耐水耐鹽度不怕生鏽.

其實椒鹽罐的應用, 不只有胡椒跟鹽, 其他烹飪的香料, 也能適用.


有了好設計, 餐桌也變得更優雅了.

Pick up the shaker to sprinkle seasoning over food with one hand like One Shake™ !

The special cover automatically opens and then seasoning is sprinkled. Besides the ground-breaking 360-degree design, you can sprinkle with different angles and use it with any gestures. Its reflux groove design makes it hard to spill. The subtly curved offers a comfortable grip stable operation. After that, just gently put it on table and the cover will close hermetically to securely block ingress externally. The 18 - 10 stainless steel offers the highest grade of corrosion resistance.


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